Medical Detox Centers in Leesburg, VA

If you are addicted and plan to find your way out, it's a wonderful idea; the first thing that you should do is to look for medical detox centers in Leesburg. To make sure that you can make the best of your time at detox, however, it's important that you understand the process.

How Does Medical Detox Help?

Chemically similar to natural neurotransmitters, drugs and alcohol can stimulate parts of the brain that control pleasure. When substance abuse floods the brain with large quantities of such drugs over an extended period of time, the brain's own systems for the control of pleasure are rendered redundant. Responding the way any biological system would to redundancy, the brain's ability to control the pleasure center turns passive.

When the health complications that result from excessive use of drugs appear, most people will attempt to stop at some point. They find them, however, that they are trapped; since the brain no longer controls the pleasure center, it depends on the presence of drugs for such control. When you stop taking drugs, your brain has neither drugs nor its own systems in place to control the pleasure center with.

Not only do you feel terrible depression and mood swings, your brain's ability to perform vital functions is disrupted. You may experience grand mal seizures, hallucinations, and severe heart dysfunction.

While many people do put their lives on the line and attempt to detox without medical help, it is an unnecessary risk. Seeking help at medical detox treatment facilities is ideal.

There Are Specific Benefits

Medical attention makes detox pain-free: The pain and misery of the detox experience is a significant reason why many addicts avoid attempting to quit. Pain is no longer a necessary part of detox these days, however. The better the quality of the medical attention you seek, the closer you get to a pain-free experience.

Medical attention can help you with a sober future: The smoother the detox experience, the better your chances are of remaining drug-free once medical detox treatment completes. Allowing the brain to experience painful symptoms of drug withdrawal in Leesburg causes damage to your ability to remain drug-free. Those who detox without medical attention are known to relapse at rates far higher than those who receive medical attention.

You get therapeutic support: Addiction is primarily a mental disorder. From the cravings to the motivation that keeps your heart in treatment, a great deal of the progress of that you make in medical detox is psychological in nature. Specialized therapy for the needs of your addiction is one of the primary benefits of medical detox.

There Are Greater Benefits Still to Inpatient Medical Detox

It's possible to accept medical detox centers in Leesburg on an outpatient basis. If your addiction is a relatively uncomplicated one -- with few medical, addictive, psychological or psychiatric conditions present -- it's possible to accept treatment with only short visits to a rehab center each day. Most people do attempt such detox to begin. They tend to find, however, that things do not work out for them.

Of those who try outpatient treatment, a significant proportion do not complete their course; they drop out. The reason isn't hard to understand -- when you are with outpatient detox, you are on your own as far as following the requirements of the course goes -- taking your medications, staying focused and abstinent. There's nothing to stop you from changing your mind one day and simply returning to drugs.

This changes completely with inpatient medical detox treatment centers. You check into a drug-free rehab, receive constant therapeutic and emotional support, and simply go through fewer challenges staying abstinent and staying with the course.

Accepting medical detox in an inpatient facility is a better way to reach a goal of sobriety.

Understanding What Medical Detox Centers in Leesburg Do Not Do

A complete medical detox course may take anything anywhere from 30 to 90 days; the longer the treatment course adopted, the better one's chances of sobriety. It's important to understand, however, that detox is by no means complete treatment for addiction. There is no cure for addiction -- it's important to keep up treatment for life.

Treatment comes in the form of therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps patients who have detoxed work on their psychological health to remain free of drugs.

When you attempt to look for medical detox in Leesburg, it can help to find a center that offers both detox and rehab. A center that offers a complete course is likely to possess a higher level of skill and one that focuses on detox alone. Call Leesburg Drug Rehab Centers now for help (703) 570-4629.

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