Addiction Treatment in Leesburg, VA

With most drugs, addiction doesn't occur overnight; instead, it is a gradual process in which these substances repeatedly affect parts of the brain that specialize in habit formation. Treating addiction isn't an overnight process, either. In even the mildest of addictions, treatment can take months; in some deeper addictions, treatment in some form can continue for life. One of the greatest mistakes people make in dealing with addiction is to ascribe addictive behavior to moral or mental weakness; they figure that they only need to be strong to break free. This isn't the way addiction works, however. To successfully reach for sobriety, you need to line up the best professional addiction treatment in Leesburg.

First, find a way to mentally prepare yourself

If you were to seek help from a doctor for an infection, you would be able to pop a pill that the doctor gave you and forget about it. Treating addiction isn't as simple. Addiction is a mental disorder -- it involves battling the effects of artificial psychological attachment to drugs created by substance abuse. Treatment requires considerable psychological treatment.

The first thing that you need to do is to mentally prepare. It's important to sit down to think about your addiction and your reasons to work against it. You should try to work against the various objections that your mind throws up, in an attempt to see that you cannot put off getting better anymore. Each day that you continue with an addictive habit, you make the addiction settle in deeper.

Certainly, you will not be able to truly appreciate the need to get better at this stage, because addiction can make such awareness hard. Nevertheless, you want to try to gain as much understanding as you can. It can help to read books written by experts in evidence-based treatment to internalize what addiction is and why it is a good idea to quit. It's important to remember that you don't have hit rock bottom before you accept treatment. Treatment can work well even if you are only partially ready. The sooner, the better is the basic mantra to follow.

Think About Your Goals in Recovery

As with any endeavor in life, breaking your long-term goals down into achievable, short-term ones can psychologically help you find greater motivation. While your long-term goal is to achieve sobriety forever, it's an aim that can feel vague and open-ended. Instead, it can make sense at first to tell yourself to go through your first three days of medical detox in Leesburg without considering quitting. Then, you can give yourself one more week to be abstinent.

It can also help to think of sobriety as a state to aim for because it allows you to get other things done -- say, achieve an educational goal or a work goal.

It can be even more helpful to think of the various reasons behind your addiction and turn your attention to addressing them. In most cases, people who suffer from addiction tend to suffer from psychological issues with anger, shame, guilt and so on. Psychiatric disorders are common, as well. Aiming to address these problems can be far more engaging and interesting than restricting yourself to looking at a goal such as freedom from addiction.

Find the Best Detox

Before you set about finding addiction treatment in Leesburg, it's important that you attempt to understand what exactly great drug and alcohol rehab centers should do for you. It can help to identify the greatest challenges that you experience at the moment and see if rehab can help.

One of your greatest challenges involves the pain of withdrawal. It comes about as the brain adjusts to the changes in internal chemical balance that occurs when drugs are removed. Finding evidence-based detox is an excellent way to ensure that there is pain-free treatment offered. It's important to ask the rehab that you finally choose, about their pain-free treatment options.

It's also important to consider the problem that you have with cravings and lack of motivation. If you suffer from poor motivation, it can be hard to keep your promise to yourself to stay off drugs. The best way to temper your cravings is to simply put yourself in an environment where cheating on the program is not an option.

Inpatient detox places you in a drug-free environment and is an excellent option. Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs also offer excellent structure and discipline, both important to helping the mind gain traction.

Addiction Treatment in Leesburg

Detox helps the brain free itself of chemical dependency. Psychological dependency will usually remain, however. This needs to be addressed with extensive therapy that helps you rebuild a healthier psychological life. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and other forms of therapy can be extremely useful. Those who do not engage in treatment for psychological dependence usually relapse. Finding the best programs for addiction treatment requires the same amount care as finding a great therapist -- you need to work on identifying the therapeutic skills that a therapist brings you. Call Leesburg Drug Rehab Centers now for help (703) 570-4629.

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